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Our Story

 It all began in 1926 when Glenn Hallett opened a used furniture store on Chicagoʼs South Side. Along with the store, he bought a Model "A" Ford pick-up truck for deliveries. Eventually, Glenn was asked to use his delivery expertise to move one of his customers, the start of our moving business. After applying for and receiving household and office moving authority from the state of Illinois, he closed the used furniture store to concentrate on the moving business. 

Business was picking up (literally) and Hallett knew it was time for a warehouse of his own. He settled on a 2,000 square foot space located on Chicagoʼs South Side. In the 1950ʼs, Hallett's sons Tom, Bill and Jack joined the company, and he changed the name from Hallett Express to Hallett & Sons Expert Movers, Inc.

Since then, the Halletts have been up to the challenge of moving whatever their customers needed. The Hallett team has moved whole companies, relocated workers, handled priceless museum artifacts, took the original 007 Automobile on tour, moved millions of books throughout the country and executed countless other moving experiences.

Today Hallett occupies a 100,000 cubic foot warehouse in Summit, Illinois. This facility is complete with loading docks, onsite mechanic and garage, customer service offices, and a computer dispatch center.

From Hallett Express to Hallett & Sons Expert Movers, the company has traveled a long road, learning and growing and proud of every “move” theyʼve made.

Hallett Movers is still a family owned business with Dawn Hallett at the helm. Three generations strong, as a matter of fact, and looking forward to what the future has in store.