Since 1926, Hallett Movers has evolved into one of the best office and industrial movers in the country. Whether you need to move furniture, computers, server rooms, laboratory equipment machinery, medical supplies, or files– let us plan, organize, and execute your move. Wherever people work, Hallett works to move them.

Experienced Staff

Insightful project management and careful logistical planning are critical factors behind any successful relocation along with practiced movers and warehouse staff. We offer:

  • Project management staff with decades of experience developing and implementing a wide variety of relocation plans and contributing pro-active on-site team leadership and problem solving.

  • Dispatch and operations staff facilitating seamless project execution and account management.

  • Full time professional Union Movers on all Chicagoland metro area commercial relocations.

  • Warehousing staffed by professionals.

  • You can also hire Hallett Project Managers months— even years— in advance to advise in planning your move in order to present a plan for success to your board or planning committee. Hiring Hallett as a consultant to your planning process helps to prevent common oversights, identify potential problem areas early enough to devise smart solutions, ensure all aspects will be covered in a request for bids, and, ultimately, save you time and money. These services include:

    • Assistance with move planning, schedule, and move sequencing

    • Advice on logistics as well as layouts and flow

    • Budget figures

    • Recommendations on new furniture and shelving as well as re-use of existing items

    • Seminars to ready employees for the move 

Efficient Solutions

Hallett combines experience with innovation and technology with human care and understanding to create efficient solutions for complex commercial moves. Our practices to ensure the quickest, most cost-effective move include the following: 

  • Meetings with your project administrator and staff to identify their top priorities and concerns, so we can determine the best way to get the move done.

  • Extensive site surveys prior to your move to avoid surprises and eliminate obstacles as well as to accurately determine costs, equipment needs, labor, and time required to complete relocation.

  • Timelines designed to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your daily operations.

  • Pre-move checklist for laboratory managers.

  • Color-coding and numbering systems that identify all items to be moved along with their exact placement in the new facility. We also create a floor plan of your new facility that reflects the exact placement of office furnishings, files, and equipment.

  • Hallett utilizes proven methods and the latest technology to produce the most efficient and effective means for commercial relocations. This includes:

    • Stack moving {link to page with video}: designed for library moves, our stack mover lifts and moves up to 30 feet of shelving fully intact (books remain on the shelves). This machine is also ideal for moving some retail shelving with merchandise still on display; great for re-carpeting projects.

    • Portable hydraulic lifts, cranes, ARA dollies, fume hood jacks, and conveyer belts allowing quick movement of commercial flat files and other equipment.

    • Chicago-style dollies equipped with soft, non-marring wheels.

    • Moving containers designed and manufactured specifically for Hallett Movers.

    • “Hallett Sky Box” portable elevator allows access to buildings via outside windows, doorways, or inside mezzanine level when standard elevators are not available.

    • Portable exit and entrance ramps and conveyors custom fit to your building.

  • Dynamic warehousing, and long- and short-term storage available.

 Exceptional Service

Hallett Movers resolve even the most daunting of moving dilemmas—with a smile. Hallett provides not only unparalleled move coordination and execution but also:

  • Seminars to prepare employees to move.

  • Furniture decommissioning, recycling, and donation.

  • Carpentry by skilled staff working nationwide.

  • Disconnect and reconnect of IT equipment.

  • Document shredding; certificate of shredding provided.

  • Proposals and pricing in writing; never hidden or surprise charges.

  • Commitment to green, sustainability practices. {link to page}


“Your company moved our office in early December and I am writing to commend you on the competence of your people, your firm's willingness to be flexible, and, most importantly, on the integrity of Hallett. We were in a tough position when our scheduled mover communicated to us that they had gone bankrupt less than one week prior to our move and would not be able to move our office. Thankfully, they recommended Hallett and referred us to Sandy Manden-Davison at Hallett.  At a time when we could have been taken advantage of, Sandy/Hallett elected to not do so. The move did in fact take place on the date we requested and without incident and we are grateful to Sandy and your organization."

~ Ronald Strauss, President, Pekin Singer Strauss, Chicago

“I have worked with Hallett Movers for five years since I joined Groupon in 2013.  I have been in a facilities role for the past 30 years and I have worked with a lot of movers and Hallett is the best.  We have been through numerous moves together throughout the years and I cannot imagine doing a move without them.  Their team of hard working, responsible and, of course, fun loving movers have made each of our moves fun and seamless.  I can't tell you how important they are to me when it comes to moving our people.  I can always count on them to be here on time, we work hard and always get out on time or even early.  Anyone who has gone through a large corporate move knows that they can be stressful and exhausting.  Hallett comes in and between the personalities and the hard work we get the move knocked out and get back to our lives.  I highly recommend them for any job, large or small.” 

~ Julie Johnston, Office Services Manager, Groupon


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