Hallett movers is concerned about and committed to mitigating the environmental impact of the relocation and warehousing industries. We pursue sustainable practices in all areas of our business.

In our offices and operations, we:

  • Reduce our paper consumption by developing increasingly paperless processes, including invoicing and on-line inventory systems.

  • Reuse specially engineered and manufactured crates for commercial moves and book moving transporters.

  • Recycle paper and printer inks.

 In our warehouse and moving fleet, we:

  • Reduce energy consumption by relying on our concrete structure to help maintain a temperate climate.

  • Reuse furniture that our clients no longer want by donating it to local schools, shelters, places of faith, and libraries.

  • Creatively repurpose materials to meet warehouse needs.

  • Recycle anything steel and our packing materials.

  • Carefully maintain our fleet of trucks to meet environmental standards.

We can even help our clients achieve your green goals by:

  • Facilitating the donation of unwanted furniture and equipment.

  • Sorting decommissioned furniture into what is recyclable (metal cabinets – 100% recyclable!) and what can be donated, and we can dispose of the items accordingly at a recycling transfer station.

  • Sharing our Environmental Practices statement along with our bid. 

For public institutions in communities who demand environmental responsibility and colleges and universities with students engaged on these issues, Hallett makes an especially appropriate, like-minded move partner.