Since first moving libraries in the 1950s, Hallett Movers has been an innovating leader in library, archives, and special collection relocation. Whether you need to move into a new building, re-carpet, send collections to off-site storage, or integrate or weed collections  – choosing Hallett as your library project partner guarantees success.

Need a preliminary budget figure for your next move? Contact us! Most of the time, we can provide budgetary figures quickly. If a site visit is necessary then we can accommodate that as well.  

Experienced Staff

We have moved a lot of libraries— large and small, public and private, general and ultra-specific—including the San Diego Public Library, Tulane University, the U.S. Naval War College, and all of the libraries at the University of Chicago. Decades of experience developing and implementing a wide variety of relocation plans allows the Hallett team to offer insightful project management, careful logistical planning, and effective on-site problem solving. When Hallett is your library move partner, we provide:

  • Project management along with or independent of our physical moving services, including: 

    • Pre-bid review

    • Bid specification development with samples provided

    • Fill ratio computations and growth analysis

    • Integration and segregation planning

    • Space planning

    • Regular communications with your Project Administrator and key staff

    • On-site project management, staff training, and coordination with other vendors

  • You can also hire Hallett Project Managers months— even years— in advance to advise in planning your move in order to present a plan for success to your board, planning committee, trustees, faculty, or city council. Hiring Hallett as a consultant to your planning process helps to prevent common oversights, identify potential problem areas early enough to devise smart solutions, ensure all aspects will be covered in a request for bids, and, ultimately, save you time and money. These services include:

    • Assistance with move planning, schedule, and move sequencing

    • Collection measurement

    • Advice on logistics as well as collection layouts and flow

    • Budget figures

    • Recommendations on new furniture and shelving as well as re-use of existing items

    • Seminars to ready employees for the move

  • Moving teams with the depth of experience to be undaunted by moves involving multiple locations, expansive document collections, or collection components needing to be flipped, reordered, or reunited.  

Efficient Solutions

Hallett combines experience with innovation and technology with human care and understanding to create efficient solutions for even the most confounding of library move scenarios. Most libraries can remain open and functional during their entire move. Our practices to facilitate this include the following:

  • Our project management team meets with your project administrator and staff to identify top priorities and concerns, so we can determine the best way to get the move done. This includes:

    • Timelines designed to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your daily operations.

    • Early, extensive site surveys to avoid surprises and eliminate obstacles as well as to accurately determine costs and estimate labor, equipment, and time required to complete relocation.

  • Hallett utilizes proven methods and the latest technology to produce the most efficient and effective means for library relocations. This includes:

    • Stack moving {link to page with video} : our stack mover lifts and moves up to 30 feet of shelving fully intact (books remain on the shelves)

    • Portable hydraulic lifts, cranes, and conveyer belts allowing quick movement of library map cases, files, microform cabinets, and bindery equipment

    • Chicago-style dollies equipped with soft, non-marring wheels

    • Moving containers designed and manufactured specifically for Hallett Movers library moving

    • “Hallett Sky Box” portable elevator allows access to buildings via outside windows, doorways, or inside mezzanine level when standard elevators are not available

    • Portable exit and entrance ramps and conveyors custom fit to your library building

  • Color-coding and numbering systems that identify all items to be moved along and their exact placement in the new facility and to create a floor plan of your new facility that reflects the exact placement of office furnishings, files, and equipment.

  • Dynamic warehousing, and long- and short-term collection storage available.

    Exceptional Service

 Hallett is a one-stop-shop for your library move needs. In addition to our unparalleled move management, we offer:

  • Collection reorganization, integration, separation, and weeding

  • Collection measuring and layout

  • Collection cleaning: tank vacuums with Hepa filters for main collections and hand cleaning for fragile materials

  • Shelf cleaning

  • Shelving installation, disassembly, move, and reassemble services

  • Shelving rental/purchase program available to meet short- or long-term needs

  • Carpentry by skilled staff working nationwide

  • Archive and rare book moving {link to specialty services page}

  • Collection processing for off-site high density storage or injestion projects that include identifying, picking & pulling, sorting, sizing, scanning, labeling, and/or barcoding materials; experience with collection management softwares

  • Proposals and pricing in writing; never hidden or surprise charges

  • Commitment to green, sustainability practices {link to page}


“When we selected Hallett Movers to assist with the relocation of our Central Library, we had high expectations for their work. Our experience far exceeded those expectations. They were able to provide us with numerous suggestions to simplify our move.  Watching their team at work is an amazing experience.  They transported our materials carefully, quickly and efficiently, enabling us to finish the move ahead of schedule.  They unpacked our collections in such an exacting way that many of our early building visitors thought we had purchased all new materials! On our opening day a few weeks later, we were delighted to receive a call wishing us well on our opening - affirming to us that they were our partners in this project and not just a hired vendor.  Any relocation project involving Hallett Movers is certain to be a successful endeavor.”

~ Cynthia Berner, Director of Libraries, Wichita Public Library

“I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Hallett Movers who recently relocated the San Diego Public Library into its new iconic 9 story Central Library building. A project, thirty years in development, culminated in July 2013 with the seemingly effortless relocation and integration of collections due to Hallett’s seamless execution of the project. ... Beyond their obvious skill, knowledge and talents; Hallett staff were always courteous, flexible and good humored throughout the long project. Their management staff went above and beyond in responding to such peripheral needs as media information requests, development staff needs, and post move information requests. As they had promised in their proposal, Hallett proved to be exceptional partners in this project. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Hallett Movers to any library in need of expert service providers for any relocation project.”

~ Deborah L. Barrow, Director, San Diego Public Library

“We could not have accomplished this move in such a short time had it not been for your thorough and accurate planning, your perceptiveness and speed in understanding and adapting to local conditions, your problem solving capability, your perseverance, and your ability to motivate and keep everyone on task. And although you had jetlag, climate change, and a whole new environment to deal with, you were jovial and great fun to work with throughout the project.

Thank you for making our library moving project such a success. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to any library and am especially hopeful that other libraries in the Gulf region will come to appreciate the benefits of library moving expertise.”

~ Frieda Wiebe, Director of the Library, Georgetown University, Doha, State of Qatar

"The Halletts are to be commended for the excellent move preparation they do on site well before the actual move. This is the secret to their success. I have no hesitation in recommending Hallett for any library move, and definitely for those highly complex moves with severe deadlines.”

~ Louise Lindsey, Associate Director, University of Tulsa College of Law

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