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Hallett Movers has safely transferred precious collections and artifacts from homes, museums, government offices, historical societies, places of faith, and libraries of every kind for more than 70 years. Whether you need to move fine art, rare books, antiques, archives, or any high-value, one-of-a-kind items – call on us to take the exquisite care needed to move your most unique materials.

Experienced Staff

Hallett team members recognize the value of finely developed collections, irreplaceable artifacts, and sensitive records, so we treat them with utmost care throughout the relocation process. The Hallett advantage includes: 

  • We prioritize communication in specialty moves, which can be exceptionally challenging. We will work closely with your staff to understand the needs of the materials, examine the particulars of the spaces involved, address security concerns, and prepare for the unexpected.

  • We bring not only moving experts but also specialists well versed in fine arts and preservation. World class cultural institutions including Chicago’s Newberry Library, the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, and the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institutes in Washington, DC have relied on our expertise to safeguard their treasures in transit.

  • Especially for large or complex projects, you can also hire our Project Managers from the beginning to advise in planning your specialty move. Hiring Hallett as a consultant to your planning process helps to prevent common oversights, identify potential problem areas early enough to devise smart solutions, ensure all aspects will be covered in a request for bids, and, ultimately, save you time and money.

Efficient Solutions

Hallett combines experience with innovation and technology with human care and understanding to create efficient solutions for moving even the oddest, oldest, most awkward, or disorganized of materials. Our team has created ways to transport the following:

  •  The original James Bond 007 car on a cross-country publicity tour

  • Thousands of rare monographs and journals from the Massachusetts Horticulture Society for the Chicago Botanic Gardens

  • Both the black and white and color film collections at the Chicago History Museum

  • Manuscripts by Abraham Lincoln, Alice Walker, and Joyce Carol Oates

  • 19th century medical equipment

  • 100 year old royal wax seals at Queens University, Belfast

  • Early California mission vestments at Loyola Marymount University

  • First presses of Duke Ellington recordings

  • Golden Cross sculptures by Salvador Dali and Le Destin by Matisse

  • Elephant folios of the complete set of original Audubon prints

Exceptional Service

Hallett has the background, equipment, and conscientious attitude to relocate your special materials with care. In addition to our unparalleled move management services, we offer:

  • Collection reorganization, integration, separation, and weeding

  • Collection measuring and layout

  • Collection cleaning

  • Take down and re-installation of wall hung items, art, and sculptures

  • Packing with acid-free paper; archival quality packing materials

  • Custom crating

  • Dynamic warehousing, and both long- and short-term collection storage 


“I recently hired Hallett Movers for a complicated move involving several university departments relocating from buildings throughout campus and into a new, shared facility.  Dawn, Valerie and the entire team at Hallett were simply a pleasure to work with.  From their detailed and carefully thought out planning, meetings with users to explain the moving process, and their careful handling of everything from office furniture and files, objects of art, shop tools, theatrical equipment and an entire film archive, our move could not have gone better.  I would not hesitate to use them again, and would highly recommend Hallett for anyone planning a move.”

~ Greg Redenius, Associate Director of Operations, University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago

“We were able to open ahead of schedule largely because the book move went so well. Moving approximately 1.2 m volumes in 6 weeks was always going to be a challenge. Several companies who were interested in the work told us that it could not be done in so short a time.

Your method of tagging and measuring allowed the stock to be surveyed in great detail and mapped onto the shelving so that we could agree the fill rates and allow for expansion where it was most needed. We were also able to determine how the sequences from Main Library (including Law, Official Publications and Music) and the Science Library would be merged. In addition we were separating out the journal back runs which were previously interfiled with the books in the Main Library. Your method allowed all of these complications to be taken into account with ease. It was a great relief when your calculations came so close to the estimates I had made 4 or 5 years ago! We appreciated your advice, based on your experience elsewhere, in relation to the Special Collections.  The old and fragile items were well looked after and moved with care.”

~ Trevor Lyttle, Assistant Director, McClay Library, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland