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Hallett can handle even your most special needs. Whether moving fine art, museum collections, archives, rare books or your great grandmother’s china hutch - call on us to take the care needed to move your most unique materials.

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Whether it is a first edition of Darwin, a Joyce Carol Oates manuscript, or handwritten acquisition ledgers from your institution’s days of inception you want to be sure it is moved with conscience attention to its special needs. Original presses of Duke Ellington, 19th Century medical equipment or plant samples from early Lake Michigan shorelines all require thoughtful planning for a safe, successful move. Golden Cross sculptures by Dali, Matisse’s Le Destin or the original ‘Planet of the Apes’ story boards, each has individual requirements for travel preparation. It takes particular experience and care to transport such unique and irreplaceable materials and we at Hallett Movers understand that need.

Our 50 plus years of experience moving special collections and other institutions has allowed us the opportunity to relocate such prestigious collections as Chicago's Newberry Library, the University of Mississippi’s Blues Archive, and the Country Music Hall of Fame Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. Hallett was contracted to prepare, move and house thousands of rare monographs and journals that the Chicago Botanic Gardens purchased from the Massachusetts Horticulture Society. Hallett has prepped and moved 100 year old royal wax seals at Queens University, Belfast; early California mission vestments at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; and both black/white and color film collections at The Chicago History Museum, along with a huge diversity of many other unique collections. We have the talent, background and equipment to be a deep resource for any specialized move. 

Whether private or institutional, collectors trust Hallett with their high end fine art and antique collections. From packing, transporting, delivery and hanging/placement; we can offer you a full complement of services to make sure your distinctive collections get to their new residence in pristine condition. 

Along with our hands-on managers and qualified team leaders we have specialists well versed in the fine arts and preservation sciences. Our staff is both creative and flexible when addressing special needs situations.  We can help you assess your collection’s needs and develop a pre-move preparation program with your knowledgeable staff or we will propose and implement a program of pre-move preparation using our staff. Developing inventories, preservation reviews and final location documentation are all services we can provide. It is important to recognize the research and intrinsic value of such finely developed collections and treat them with the utmost care throughout the relocation process. 

Hallett values communication as a top priority in such challenging moves. We will work closely with your staff to develop a program that works for your requirements. Understanding the needs of the materials is only part of the job. Supporting the needs of the client, addressing security concerns and preparing for the unexpected is also an element of our duties. We strive to maintain an open exchange of ideas throughout the process to reduce stress and insure a smooth and successful move. Entrust your finest collections with the company that has the experienced and caring staff to do the job right.