Marjorie Goelz, Fond Du Lac, WI

Marjorie Goelz, Fond Du Lac, WI

"I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Hallett Movers who recently relocated the San Diego Public Library into its new iconic 9 story Central Library building. A project, thirty years in development, culminated in July 2013 with the seemingly effortless relocation and integration of collections due to Hallett’s seamless execution of the project.

...Beyond their obvious skill, knowledge and talents; Hallett staff were always courteous, flexible and good humored throughout the long project. Their management staff went above and beyond in responding to such peripheral needs as media information requests, development staff needs, and post move information requests. As they had promised in their proposal, Hallett proved to be exceptional partners in this project.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Hallett Movers to any library in need of expert service providers for any relocation project."  

Deborah L. Barrow, Director, San Diego Public Library

“Words can’t do justice to the incredible asset Sandy was during our recent move. Sandy, from Hallett & Sons Expert Movers, Inc. came to bid the project over a year ago. She immediately began to help us find donations of office furniture. Thanks to her incredible efforts, ALL of our office furniture was donated from other companies. Hallett even let us store the mountains of furniture for a handful of months without charge! A special thanks Sandy and Hallett & Sons Expert Movers, Inc. You all were amazing!”

Keisha Etienne, Development Associate, New Moms, Chicago

“I recently hired Hallett Movers for a complicated move involving several university departments relocating from buildings throughout campus and into a new, shared facility.  Dawn, Valerie and the entire team at Hallett were simply a pleasure to work with.  From their detailed and carefully thought out planning, meetings with users to explain the moving process, and their careful handling of everything from office furniture and files, objects of art, shop tools, theatrical equipment and an entire film archive, our move could not have gone better.  I would not hesitate to use them again, and would highly recommend Hallett for anyone planning a move”

Greg Redenius, Associate Director of Operations, University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago

"Your company moved our office in early December and I am writing to commend you on the competence of your people, your firm's willingness to be flexible, and, most importantly, on the integrity of Hallett.

We were in a tough position when our scheduled mover communicated to us that they had gone bankrupt less than one week prior to our move and would not be able to move our office. Thankfully, they recommended Hallett and referred us to Sandy Manden-Davison at Hallett.  At a time when we could have been taken advantage of, Sandy/Hallett elected to not do so. The move did in fact take place on the date we requested and without incident and we are grateful to Sandy and your organization."

Ronald Strauss, President, Pekin Singer Strauss, Chicago

"We could not have accomplished this move in such a short time had it not been for your thorough and accurate planning, your perceptiveness and speed in understanding and adapting to local conditions, your problem solving capability, your perseverance, and your ability to motivate and keep everyone on task. And although you had jetlag, climate change, and a whole new environment to deal with, you were jovial and great fun to work with throughout the project.            

Thank you for making our library moving project such a success. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to any library and am especially hopeful that other libraries in the Gulf region will come to appreciate the benefits of library moving expertise."

Frieda  Wiebe, Director of the Library, Georgetown University, Doha, State of Qatar

We were able to open ahead of schedule largely because the book move went so well. Moving approximately 1.2 m volumes in 6 weeks was always going to be a challenge. Several companies who were interested in the work told us that it could not be done in so short a time.

Your method of tagging and measuring allowed the stock to be surveyed in great detail and mapped onto the shelving so that we could agree the fill rates and allow for expansion where it was most needed. We were also able to determine how the sequences from Main Library (including Law, Official Publications and Music) and the Science Library would be merged. In addition we were separating out the journal back runs which were previously interfiled with the books in the Main Library. Your method allowed all of these complications to be taken into account with ease. It was a great relief when your calculations came so close to the estimates I had made 4 or 5 years ago!

We appreciated your advice, based on your experience elsewhere, in relation to the Special Collections.  The old and fragile items were well looked after and moved with care.

Trevor Lyttle, Assistant Director, McClay Library, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Several things really stand out about Hallett which I believe makes them a great choice. First is the amount of time they spend in the pre-planning stages of the move. At Ohio State, they spent lots of time on-site and in meetings learning about our collections and about what our expectations were before the move."

Ryan Langhurst, Project Manager, Ohio State University Libraries

"Throughout the entire process of planning, scheduling and moving materials, the Hallett staff was courteous, flexible, calm and always positive and cheerful. Their management of this project far exceeded all expectations the Library had when selecting a moving firm. Hallett and Sons are skilled professionals with the ability to handle unexpected issues immediately and with great care."

Mary J. Kramer, Facility Operations Manager, Minneapolis Public Library

"Investing in a professional library mover is a smart, cost-effective decision that will ease your anxiety once you grasp the value they bring to moving your collection. Experienced library movers can facilitate communications among all parties; coordinating the move with other contractors and working with library staff to ensure that the move will go smoothly." 

Library Yellow Pages INFocus

"Hallett Movers personnel were knowledgeable and agreeable; also patient and flexible and creative problem solvers and solution finders in what turned out to be a complicated move. The library projected 6-8 weeks and Hallett Movers did the move in 5 weeks. It was a very impressive operation."

Bob Hageman, Move Coordinator, Seattle Public Library

"The Halletts are to be commended for the excellent move preparation they do on site well before the actual move. This is the secret to their success. I have no hesitation in recommending Hallett for any library move, and definitely for those highly complex moves with severe deadlines."

Louise Lindsey, Associate Director, University of Tulsa College of Law

"I would like to say that the work, which was done, was outstanding in every aspect of our moving process. The movers arrived on time and had everything ready to go before the actual deadlines. From the beginning stages to the actual furniture setup, the Hallett associates were of highest quality and I would recommend them to everyone. The move was completed with precision and accuracy in all aspects and I was amazed at how well everything was put together."

Marianne Morrison, Data Manager, Talking Point, Inc.