Have high cost office space and expensive filing cabinets been a concern of yours? Let Hallett Movers help you! Hallett has proven to be a cost effective solution to alleviating your organization's record management problems.

Outsource the storage and retrieval of your inactive, semi-active files and documents to our spacious warehouse. We can reduce the cost of maintaining and storing inactive documents and unused furniture. At Hallett, your company only pays for the cubic space your items occupy.


  • 100,000 cubic foot storage warehouse
  • Reinforced concrete and steel
  • Ceiling height of 30 feet
  • Sprinkler and temperature protection
  • Computerized inventory control/Asset Management
  • Warehouseman's Legal Liability Insurance
  • High density racking system (for both furniture and records)
  • Bulk storage area
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Receiving, indexing, retrieval and purging services
  • Palletized and containerized service available
  • 6,000 linear feet of shelving space for library or file room materials